Electronic Timeclocks

We have a range of electronic timeclocks including PIN, smart card, and biometric (finger print) models. All our timeclocks are seamlessly integrated with the StaffTracker system allowing you to access staff work data instantly at any time.

Electronic Timeclocks work similarly to older traditional "punch card" timeclocks, each staff member still "punches" in and out for work, except records are now recorded electronically and automatically passed into the StaffTracker system.

PIN models have a keypad for the staff member to enter their unique identifying number code. Smart card models have a sensor which wirelessly reads the unique code from a small plastic card (Mifare/Legic) as it is passed in front of the unit. Biometric units have a thumb/finger reader which identifies the staff member based on their finger print.

Our timeclocks are designed to eliminate "buddy punching", additional security measures can be enforced such as two-factor authentication (e.g. a biometric unit could be configured to require both a finger print and a PIN code to be entered), and even add-on cameras which capture an image of the person as they "punch" in and out.

  • SSL-encrypted biometric, smart card & PIN authentication system.
  • Optional built-in CMOS Camera module.
  • Modular design for easy integration and maintenance.
  • Control, Configure & Administrate via LAN or Internet.
  • Integration with Weigand 26-bit & 40-bit output.
  • Weather-resistant Casing enabling outdoor installations.
  • Optional Communication: RS232/ RJ45/ GPRS/ RS485/ WiFi/ Weigand

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