Telephone Tracking

What is it?
Telephone tracking is ideal workplaces where ready access to a telephone is available. The system works just like a traditional time clock allowing staff to "punch-in" and "punch-out" for each of their jobs or work shifts.

How does it work?
As the staff member arrives for work they can use any telephone on site to call the automated StaffTracker call centre and "punch-in" using their unique PIN number (and optionally a voice verification). When the job has been completed or the shift has ended, the staff member "punches-out" again and the system automatically calculates the time they spent at that job and keeps a tally for their timesheet.

Telephone Tracking Overview

Immediate benefits without investment
Our telephone tracking system is a "no investment/pay per use" option, which offers all the benefits of an expensive time clock system without having to invest in specialised equipment or install anything on-site. Any telephone can be used to "punch-in" which also makes it great for companies who have staff moving between sites.

Telephone tracking is ideally suited for:

  • A timeclock replacement: Telephone tracking is a great way to automated time & attendance without investing in expensive traditional time clocks. Telephone tracking works in any company or business where a traditional time clock can be used, such as retail stores, offices, restaurants and fast food outlets, garages, workshops and service stations, etc.
  • Lone worker situations: As it minimises the level of supervision required, telephone tracking makes managing staff at satellite locations simple. Staff managers can accurately monitor their workforce in real-time and know instantly about staff absences and other issues which would otherwise go un-noticed. It is therefore ideal for businesses such as Commercial Cleaners, Homecare Providers or almost any other business running staff remotely where a telephone is available.

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