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The StaffTracker time & attendance system is a web based application that keeps track of the time your staff spend on the job each day and helps you to analyze your staff work patterns, automate your payroll systems, ensure quality control on jobs, ensure jobs don't get missed, and most importantly reduce time-theft, employee down-time and overall employee wage costs.

Collect staff time & movement information via several methods including; telephone, internet, hand-held scanners & PDA’s, GPS Monitoring units, mobile phones, wall-mounted electronic time clocks (traditional or biometric). You choose the method best suited to how you work.

Telephone Tracking Electronic Timeclocks RFID Patrol Scanners

The collected data is sent to our secure data center in real-time and instantly made available to you via the StaffTracker secure website. StaffTracker automatically processes your staff time data as it arrives and verifies each staff member is where they should be, when they should be, and that all jobs are being correctly attended. You are alerted to any missed jobs or attendance issues straight away via website/e-mail/sms (text message).

StaffTracker has a range of reports which can be viewed at any time or e-mailed to you automatically which makes your staff time & movement information much more useful and accessable. Some examples of the reports available include; Staff Timesheets, Staff Hours Summary, Staff Worksheets, Location Worksheets, Location Hours Summary.

The StaffTracker system replaces tedious manual time keeping procedures and can completely eliminate manual collection of payroll information. It makes your employee job scheduling and payroll tasks easy, efficient and accurate.

  • Allows you to track your staff members working hours or view any staff members current whereabouts in real time.
  • Allows you easily create and manage your work schedules, encompassing facilities for accommodating staff leave, and public holidays.
  • Automatically confirms that staff members are where they’re supposed to be by verifying staff identity and current location.
  • Accurately records the start, finish, and total overall time worked by each staff member on each job.
  • Automatically alerts you (via website/e-mail/SMS) when a scheduled job is missed or the staff member is late.
  • Generates reports based on collected data, including staff timesheets and worksheets.
  • Accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world with internet access – meaning you can always manage your business no matter where you are.

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