RFID Patrol Scanners

Ideal for verifying time & attendance for remote locations where other standard communications aren't available. Such as security patrols, field maintenance, etc. The system uses small hand-held RFID scanners to verify a staff member’s location and time of attendance - making it extremely useful for proving that a location or particular asset was visited.

A small RFID tag (approximately the size of a 20 cent coin) is placed at each patrol/work location. When the staff member arrives on site they use the hand held RFID scanner terminal to scan the tag. The scanner records the location and time of the visit. Once the staff member returns to the office the scanner terminal is plugged into a computer and the patrol data is transferred to the StaffTracker data center.

Some example scenarios where RFID Patrol Tracking is ideally suited:

Security Patrols: Verify that security or patrol units visit each location on their route and the time of the visits.

Maintenance / Service Technicians: Take the example of a company regularly servicing air conditioner units. Each air conditioner could be tagged, then the service technician can scan the tag of the unit he services to record the location, date and time of the service. This data could also be used to automate billing for the company.

Remote Service Providers: The StaffTracker system will cater for almost any remotely working service staff where there isn't ready access to traditional communications methods.

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