Why Monitoring Makes Sense (and Dollars!)

“GPS is extremely valuable in tracking vehicle theft, in particular on larger mobile equipment units, excavators etc.”
Monitoring your vehicles makes good business sense on many levels, the low costs involved coupled with the advantages and savings the system provides quickly generates positive return on investment.

Some key benefits to StaffTracker GPS Vehicle Monitoring include:

  • Reduced direct operating costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced overtime expense
  • Improved driver and content security
  • Improved driver performance
  • Reduced driver down-time or misuse of company time/resources
  • Reduced inventory losses
  • Improved dispatch efficiency, least-cost routing
  • Better dispatch response times (satisfied customers)
  • Improved customer service
  • Maximised vehicle utilisation
  • Fuel savings through reduced driver speeding & through improved dispatch efficiency
  • Proof of delivery
  • Automated administrative functions
  • Improved driver safety
  • Improved asset loss recovery and prevention
  • Tangible evidence/proof of vehicle movements
  • Automatic time carding
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Improved corporate image (your vehicle is not parked anywhere it shouldn't)
  • Savings from fewer, less severe accidents
  • Lower legal liability for accidents because of speed
  • Potential reduction of insurance costs
  • Overall improved yield management

Why StaffTracker?

  • Easy to use. Sign into the StaffTracker Secure Customer web site to see where your vehicles are. No special software or equipment is needed.
  • Reliable. StaffTracker is based on the same technology that powers hundreds of millions of cellular phones around the world.
  • Affordable to buy. StaffTrackers GPS Monitoring units are priced very competitively, our equipment costs up to 50% less than our competitors charge for their (less advanced) equipment.
  • Affordable to use. Vehicle tracking monthly usage costs are typically less than you would spend to fill your car with petrol once.
  • Reliable mobile network. StaffTracker GPS Vehicle Monitoring works seamlessly across New Zealand. There are no activation fees, roaming fees or contracts to sign. StaffTracker is your single point of contact

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