How Does It Work?

1. Hardware is installed
A small GPS tracking unit is installed in each of the vehicles you wish to monitor. The tracking unit can be installed in almost any type of vehicle or other asset with minimal visible footprint (it is not obvious that the unit is installed).

[The units are very flexible and can even be configured to run on conventional battery packs meaning it can also be used in scenarios where the unit is not wired into a vehicle permanently or no wired power source is available such as one off or occasional temporary tracking.]

2. Vehicles are tracked via GPS
The GPS tracking units monitor and record all your vehicles stops, starts and movements (or any number of other pre-defined conditions). The relevant time, position, speed, altitude, and other vehicle information is captured in real-time.

[The units can optionally be configured to enforce work hours, geofences, and other special conditions, meaning you have total control over your fleet.]

3. Data is Transmitted via Cellular Connection
The recorded vehicle data is transmitted to the StaffTracker secure data centre in real-time via Vodafone NZ’s reliable mobile GPRS network.

[The extensive Vodafone network coverage means your vehicles can be monitored in real-time almost anywhere in the country. Around 97% of New Zealanders live, work and play within Vodafone coverage. And even if one of your vehicles enters an area of limited or no coverage our tracking units will still continue to record GPS data, then transmit it as soon as the vehicle comes back within coverage.]

4. You View the Data
The movement & vehicle position data is then immediately available to you via the secure StaffTracker website.

You can manage all your tracked vehicles & even reconfigure your GPS tracking units on-the-fly from the StaffTracker website.

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