GPS Vehicle Monitoring

StaffTracker GPS Vehicle Monitoring utilises the latest in satellite positioning and mobile communications technology to monitor the movements of a vehicle (or a fleet of vehicles / other assets). A vehicles location, speed, direction, status and much more can all be accurately pin-pointed in real-time and displayed in an easy to use mapping system through the StaffTracker secure website.

“You can accurately monitor & manage your vehicles in real time. And by doing so you could save thousands of dollars each year.”

GPS Vehicle Monitoring is ideally suited to the following scenarios;

Company Vehicle Management: Companies running their own vehicles can monitor appropriate usage and the whereabouts of each vehicle in real-time or historically via the StaffTracker web-based mapping application. Benefits include reduction of excessive mileage and inappropriate usage, ability to locate a vehicle at any time, ability to identify the closest vehicle to an address, and improved driver safety.

Fleet Management: When managing a fleet of vehicles, knowing the real-time location of all vehicles allows management to meet customer needs more efficiently. Whether its delivery, service, security or other multi-vehicle enterprises, vehicles can now be inexpensively tracked and dispatched efficiently.

Asset Tracking: Companies needing to track valuable assets for insurance or other monitoring purposes can now plot the real-time asset location on a map and closely monitor movement and operating status.

Field Service Management: Companies with a field service workforce for services such as repair or maintenance, must be able to plan field workers’ time, schedule subsequent customer visits and be able to operate these departments efficiently. Vehicle Monitoring allows companies to quickly locate a field engineer and dispatch the closest one to meet a new customer request or provide site arrival information.

Trailer Tracking: Haulage and Logistics companies often operate lorries/trucks with detachable load carrying units. The part of the vehicle that drives the load is known as the cab and the load carrying unit is known as the trailer. There are different types of trailer used for different applications, e.g. flat bed, refrigerated, curtain sided, box container.

Private Vehicle Monitoring: Private or family vehicles can be inexpensively monitored either full-time or on-demand (in the event of theft).

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